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Living Assistance And Transportation for Senior Citizens

Apr 21, 2017 by Robert Myer

Many seniors have limited physical mobility, poor vision, and compromised mental function. They can’t drive safely or use public transportation without considerable stress and effort. This forces seniors to remain confined to their homes or living facilities, or rely on their loved ones to ferry them around whenever they’re free. That can prove to be a considerable burden on the loved ones and limit the senior’s independence. Living assistance providers believe that personal transportation that’s available to seniors on demand can help. 

1. Consider Volunteer Driver Programs 

A number of faith-based groups and volunteer organizations provide free or low-cost driver programs that support to the elderly. These programs provide transportation to doctor’s appointments, recreational trips, shopping expeditions, and more. These services need to be reserved in advance, but they’re reliable, senior-friendly, and economical. This is a good option for seniors who are on a budget and can’t always book the more expensive private transportation services. 

2. Para-Transportation Services 

This option is ideal for wheelchair bound or those with limited physical mobility. These services provide specially designed mini-vans and vehicles that can accommodate seniors with limited mobility. They’re provided by private companies, but are usually reasonably priced so you don’t have to spend too much on transportation. They’ll have a safe and comfortable ride without relying on someone else. 

3. Door to Door Services

Some transportation companies provide door-to-door services to seniors. The drivers will pick them up at their door and help them with any luggage, wheelchairs, or other items. They will help seniors climb into the transport vehicle and take them to their destination. Door-to-door services are slightly more expensive, but if the added cost brings more comfort and security, . If your senior loved ones have limited mobility and find it difficult to carry things around, this service will help. 

4. Personal Transportation Options 

Seniors can book a taxi cab or hire a private transport service. If they have enough savings or passive income, they can also hire a personal driver to ferry them around. If they’re physically fit, they can also use public transportation like buses and trains, but it’s safer to avoid them. 

As you can see, there are a number of options available to seniors. Some living assistance providers can also drive the seniors around if needed. Seniors need transport assistance to because they’re more likely to get involved in accidents and injure themselves if they’re forced to move around on their own. 

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