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Home Health Aides Discuss Sleep Problems

Apr 28, 2017 by Robert Myer

Seniors often struggle with a number of physical and mental health issues as they age. One of the most common problems they face is a lack of sleep. While many seniors do feel weak and fatigued throughout the day, they still can’t get enough sleep at night. That can have an impact on their physical and mental health. The lack of sleep can lead to loss of appetite, depression, anxiety, chronic fatigue, and a compromised immune system. 

What are the Common Causes of Sleep Problems?

The seniors lifestyle can cause sleep problems. Their body and mind changes so they need to come up with ways to cope with the change to get more restful sleep. Here are some of the common causes of sleep problems in seniors:

•    Medications – Some medicines can disrupt sleep or cause symptoms that interrupt sleep. 

•    Lack of Physical Activity – Lack of physical activity and movement can also disrupt sleep patterns. Seniors won’t feel tired and the residual energy won’t let them sleep. 

•    Mental Health Issues – Problems such as depression and anxiety can have an impact on someone’s ability to sleep peacefully. 

•    Sleeping Disorders – Disorders like sleep apnea, insomnia, etc, can also compromise the quality of sleep and have an impact on a senior’s health. 

•    Pain – Many seniors suffer from chronic pain due to a number of health conditions, including arthritis. This pain can keep them awake at night and cause considerable amount of frustration. 

•    Waking up in the Middle of Sleep or Sleeping Slower – Some people are fortunate enough to sleep as soon as their head hits the pillow. Others struggle to get to sleep and awake up in the middle of the night to go through the same pattern again. 

All of these problems can have a significant impact on a person’s ability to get restful sleep and remain healthy. 

How can Home Health Aids Help Seniors Get Better Sleep?

•    More Activity – This is one of the best ways to restore the sleep cycle and ensure seniors are physically fit. If seniors exercise daily and remain active, they’ll feel more tired at the end of the day and that will help them sleep better. 

•    Control Pain – Doctors and home health aids can provide safe pain control medication to help seniors sleep better and pain-free. 

•    Control Anxiety – If seniors experience a lot of anxiety, you can provide medication to soothe the anxiety and make them more comfortable. 

Caregivers can help determine the reasons behind the lack of sleep and help you or your senior loved one come up with creative solutions based on the possible causes.  

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