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Brain Exercises for Seniors: Expand Your Mind

Apr 6, 2017 by Anonymous

Everyone knows that our brains start to slow down as we grow older. This is a natural progression that happens to everyone. This slowing down of the mind is more apparent in the elderly. They lose their ability to recall things easily, find it difficult to learn new skills and information, and see changes in their speech patterns and ability to understand. 

While this progression is completely natural, you can slow it down by keeping your mind active and engaged. Experts always recommend brain exercises to senior in home care. These exercises can help keep their minds sharp and active.

1. Solve Puzzles and Play Chess

This is the easiest way to keep the mind engaged and busy. Puzzles and games like chess force the brain to form logical conclusions and connections. You have to think of every move you make and use all of your reasoning and deductive skills to play these games. That will provide ample exercise to your brain and keep it active. Senior in home care are encouraged to play chess or Chinese checkers with their peers because these games encourage social interaction as well. 

2. Learn a New Language 

As mentioned earlier, learning can be a little difficult for people of advanced age because their brain simply doesn’t have enough power to easily develop new connections. Languages are complex and force your mind to work in different ways, which is why learning a new one is a great exercise for your brain. 

Seniors should attempt to learn new languages in order to keep their minds active and help build new connections. New languages will also help them interact with new people from different corners of the world. For example, seniors can attempt to learn French and interact with friends based in France through the Internet. 

3. Learn Music

Learning music is like learning a new language as it encourages the brain to develop new connections as well. Learning to play a new instrument like a piano or a violin will also help improve dexterity, which can be beneficial to seniors with limited mobility. Music helps stimulate the mind and keeps the seniors entertained. 

If seniors perform these exercises regularly, they will have an active mind and will be able to delay the mental problems associated with age. These exercises will also keep seniors engaged and ensure they don’t succumb to excessive boredom or depression.

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