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Create A Daily Plan For Alzheimer’s Care

May 31, 2017 by Robert Myer

Whether you are providing daily care for your parent or just for a couple of hours per week, creating a specialized Alzheimer’s care plan is essential.  Alzheimer’s care can be overwhelming for a family member who is providing the support, and even more difficult for the your senior loved one who is essentially locked in a world of confusion. Determine what care services and activities that can help stimulate the brain and that are enjoyable for your mother or father with Alzheimer’s disease. The goal is provide them with the right mix of care and support, allowing them to live the highest-quality life possible.


Begin with organizing the day.  You know what your parent enjoys and what they don’t like.  Accept the fact that the effects of Alzheimer’s may have altered some of their hobbies and take that into consideration.  Observe them and their reactions, as this disease can cause drastic personality transformations that family members often choose to ignore.  When selecting activities, they should be meaningful and provide engagement for your mom or dad.


  1. Include your mom or dad’s strengths, abilities, and interests
  2. Determine the best time of day for mom or dad (when are they the calmest, happiest)
  3. Include time for bathing, dressing, and meal times (do not change standard routines)
  4. Create regular bedtimes and wake-up schedules


Despite schedules – all activities should have flexibility for unseen changes Alzheimer’s care should attempt to provide as close to a normal routine for your mother or father as possible.  Your senior loved one should be encouraged to do chores and familiar household tasks. Research indicates that music and photographic reminders can also help with triggering memories to allow your parent to relate to suggestions and participate in the day-to-day plans.  In home care can incorporate simple things like folding laundry to grocery shopping as well as working in the garden enjoying their favorite hobby.


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