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Tips for Talking About Personal Home Care With Seniors

Jun 30, 2017 by Anonymous

For many seniors talking about personal care with their family members can be difficult. An elderly loved one may feel embarrassed when they have trouble bathing or brushing their teeth. They may not be able to read the labels on product bottles and be unsure of what products to use. Seniors who have mobility challenges might be afraid of trying to get in and out of the shower safely. If they are too embarrassed to talk about these issues with family members they may just stop attending family gatherings or stop going out of the house because they feel helpless and embarrassed that personal hygiene has become a struggle.

If you suspect that your loved one is finding it difficult to take care of daily hygiene tasks you should approach the subject gently. Keep in mind that it could be embarrassing for your parent or older loved one to talk with you about their personal care issues. If you have noticed that your senior loved one seems to be not keeping up with personal hygiene regularly here are some ways that you tactfully approach having a discussion about their personal care needs:

Suggest A Labeling System

When you are with your loved one mention that you have noticed that the print on product bottles seems to be getting smaller. You can mention that you have had trouble picking out the shampoo from body wash or something similar. Then suggest implementing a labeling system that would make the bottles easier to read, such as color coding products with large bright stickers.

Suggest A New Tool To Use

A great way to indirectly address the issue of your loved one having problems getting safely in and out of the shower or tub is to mention a new product like a new handrail or new grip pads for the shower and suggest that it might be helpful to add that product to your loved one’s shower. If your loved one seems hesitant about accepting help don’t lecture them. Be patient and remember that it may be uncomfortable for them to discuss with you.

Suggest Home Care

Home care workers can help your senior loved one with personal care without the embarrassment they might feel depending on you for personal care. If you can see that your loved one is struggling with personal care but they don’t want your help talk to them about hiring a home care worker to give them the extra help they need.

If you have a senior loved one in Gulfport, MS that needs assistance with personal care call one of our customer service team members today to find out more about how home care can make it easier for your senior loved one to retain their dignity and stay healthy. 

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