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In Home Care Services Help Seniors Explore Art & Music Therapy

Jul 17, 2017 by Robert Myer

One of the most important ways that in home care services can help seniors is by encouraging them to play music and make art. New research shows that music and art therapies could be the key to helping seniors maintain their cognitive abilities as they age. Making art and playing music are fun and engaging activities that can also help keep seniors connected to others.


There is ample scientific evidence to prove that artistic pursuits also are calming and relaxing for seniors. And using their art skills to help others gives them a sense of purpose and community, which is important in fighting depression. Many seniors find that when they retire or lose their spouse they feel as if they no longer have a purpose. However, crafting or making art or playing music in the service of others gives them that purpose again.

In Home Care Services Helps Keep Seniors Creating

Often seniors may need a little encouragement to pursue their artistic passions. Many seniors have been told all their lives that making art or playing music aren’t worthwhile pursuits. An in home caregiver can provide the encouragement, support and feedback that budding artists and musicians need. They can also provide some suggestions and guidance on classes, books and other learning materials that might be helpful.


If your senior loved one wants to take an art class or go to a symphony performance a caregiver can arrange transportation for your loved one or accompany them as a source of companionship and mobility assistance. A home health aide can also help your senior loved one go to the craft store to obtain supplies. Picking out paints, art materials, new journals and other raw materials is fun for your loved one and helps them maintain their reasoning and cognitive skills.


A home caregiver also will encourage your senior loved one to pursue their passions by taking care of the daily chores so that your loved one can spend time doing what they enjoy. In home care services can include everything from doing the grocery shopping and running errands, to cleaning the house and setting up a schedule for your senior loved one.


If you have a senior loved one in Gulfport, MS could benefit from in home care services, contact us or call (601) 620-0872 to schedule a free in-home consultation, today. 

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